- Jillian Wright


Co-Founder of IndieBeautyExpo

“Kelly’s invaluable knowledge of retail and what a beauty brand needs to succeed is rare. Her 22 years at Neiman Marcus, starting at the make-up counter and elevating to executive level, enables her to understand each stage a brand needs to achieve long term success. Kelly’s tenacity and keen sense of ‘what’s next’ enabled IBE to be a part of the Neiman Marcus family when something like this was unheard of. Kelly is a risk taker, therefore, she is able to identify opportunities others may not. For this, she is a leader. She’s got gusto.”

- Nader Naeymi-Rad


Co-Founder of IndieBeautyExpo

“A consummate professional, Kelly combines decades of hand-on experience within the beauty industry with a natural talent for identifying winning brands and developing wining relationships with founders. Kelly is kind, considerate and adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct. She is also a no-nonsense executive who is focused on results. She is a joy to work with and valuable business partner.”

- Carol Hamilton

Group President, Acquisitions, L’Oreal USA

“I have worked with Kelly for several years, both in her role at Neiman Marcus and also on special projects. I saw Kelly in action at Neiman Marcus Conclave. She had asked me to speak to her team. I saw her leadership, creativity, and collaborative spirit come to life, she commanded the room and clearly had the respect of all of the Store Directors. More recently, we have worked together on some indie beauty brands. Beyond being an expert in digital, retailing and beauty, she also has shown smart strategic thinking in advising entrepreneurs. Kelly is a class act!”

John Demsey

Executive Group President, Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

“I have known Kelly St. John for over 25 years. She is a passionate
merchant with a deep understanding and love of luxury and beauty.”

- Nancy Feetham,

Former SVP / General Manager of Esteé Lauder

“As a business partner and former colleague at Estee Lauder, Kelly St. John continuously exudes both integrity and leadership. Possessing that perfect balance of strategic thinking combined with flawless execution is cornerstone to Kelly’s ongoing success. Her strong communication ability and talent development provides the required support to achieve ambitious goals and business transformation! As a person, Kelly is always curious, optimistic and considerate, qualities other great leaders highly covet!”

- Ann Stordahl

Formerly SVP, Neiman Marcus

“I worked with Kelly at Neiman Marcus, and I was always impressed by her deep understanding and passion for the beauty business, her forward drive for the next frontier, and her tenacity in achieving the best results. Her leadership skills inspired those around her, as did her strong character and ethical standards.”

- Greg Brown, MD

Founder, ReVive

“I have known Kelly St. John for the past 20+ years. She is a prime
example of what it means to be human and be good in business. When Kelly walks into a room the energy changes in a positive way. My fledgling company, ReVive, launched at Neiman Marcus 21 years
ago…without Kelly’s assistance as a Department Manager, Buyer, and Vice President of Beauty, we never could have achieved the success we enjoy today. I cannot begin to say enough positive things about her skill set, and I endorse her completely.”

- Sylvie Chantecaille

President and CEO, Chantecaille

“Kelly is a rare industry wizard who truly understand what it takes to create a successful business and all the various aspects from mail order to retail. Once she believes in you, she will fight for you all the way and make a huge difference in the growth of your enterprise. She also happens to be a joy to work with.”

- John Koryl

Formerly President, Neiman Marcus Online & Stores

“Kelly is a class-act. She has that intangible quality that makes you
want to be the best as a brand and as a person. She’s fearless, and her expertise in stores and online make her an indispensable asset to any beauty brand. I totally endorse her.”

- Janet Gurwitch

Operating Partner, Castanea

“Kelly was a terrific partner in helping me build Laura Mercier from a startup to a top five brand at Neiman Marcus. Her extensive knowledge of the beauty business, coupled with her professionalism, was invaluable in helping us identify opportunities and build such a dynamic brand together. As an investor in beauty brands today, I would highly value Kelly’s expertise in my decision process.”

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