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Why hire me?


As a leader in consumer-driven organizations, I deliver sustainable outcomes and thrive on the challenge of the ever-changing marketplace and business transformation. My deep understanding of the beauty industry results in a true 360-degree perspective and forward-thinking, proactive point of view. I know how to maintain your unique brand DNA while incorporating the newest trends, techniques, and technologies to increase consumer awareness, market share, and sales growth. This delicate balance of adapting to the ever-changing market requires wisdom, the kind that comes with my over 25 years of experience.

Clients and colleagues appreciate my ability as a natural relationship builder who energizes individuals and teams and cultivates trust across a broad range of constituencies. My people-first philosophy fuels a positive and collaborative approach to team building and strategy execution. This creates passionate, dedicated, and effective partnerships that yield real results.

With a reputation for consummate professionalism, diplomacy, and grace under pressure, I balance intuition with informed risk-taking to make the right calls and drive top performance in both products and people. I develop a vision and a thorough game plan as I methodically and thoughtfully consider your needs. As I evaluate potential outcomes, I determine the best solution for everyone and execute decisively. Every strategy, from people to product, starts focused and stays focused.


Years of cultivating relationships with the industry’s most well-respected retailers, vendors, investors, marketers, and talent across multiple areas results in a network that is vast and ever-growing. Regardless of the scale of your need or idea, I encourage you to reach out and schedule a time to speak about the change you are seeking. Every idea, conversation, and question opens a door that leads to the next big idea.

Service Offerings:

I offer a variety of services, all-encompassing or ala carte:


Distribution Strategy

Buyer Relations

Strategic Initiatives for Growth

Retail Execution


Product Development

Marketing: Innovative, Unique, & Executable Concepts

Consumer Trend Identification

Business Development

Vision & Foresight

Leadership Development

Talent Recruitment


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