As a lifetime “beauty junkie,” I have dedicated most of my professional career to the discovery, development, and growth of the most amazing beauty brands, products, and founders in the industry.


I am passionate about the fact that the beauty industry has evolved in a way that speaks to beauty being just as important on the inside as it is on the outside. I wake up most days and say to myself – how lucky am I to work in an industry that helps women explore their beauty through amazing products that makes them feel beautiful on the outside and are good for them on the inside. Mine is also an industry that affords those with a passion and vision the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. Beauty is about innovation, science, and technology. It is about relationships and transformations. And it is about learning.


I am here to build your brand and your business. Reacting to a constantly changing world – directing, harnessing, and channeling change for the future – requires a new level of dedication. It requires grace, smarts, and often old-fashioned “guts.” It calls upon each of us to focus on the most important things that influence our businesses, relationships, teams, and lives.


What are the things that are front and center for you and your business? This question is an essential one. What you focus on shapes your thoughts, and in turn, your actions and their outcomes. So, to get the results you want, the first question you need to ask is: What should I be focusing on?


Whether you are a startup with one product or a titan, I believe my 25+ years of proven results and people-first approach to business will take your brand to the next level. Your story, your groundbreaking technologies, your must-have product, I am here to partner with you, your team, and your brand.


Let’s beautify the world together!

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beautifying the world - one brand at a time